Pieces for ensamble

Pieces for ensamble

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Composer: Davide Boario 

Instrumentation: Soprano Sax and Piano.
Format: cm 21x29,7
Time: 3'43"

£14.51 / unit(s) *

Composer: Giuseppe Enrico Strafforello

Instrumentation: Flute and Piano
Format: cm 21,00 x 29,70
Time: 05'43"

£16.00 / unit(s) *

Composer: Davide Boario 

Performers: Jessica Bozzo e Michela Tuzio
Format: A4
Time: 4'11"

£14.52 / unit(s) *

Composer: Davide Boario

Instrumentation: Saxophone Quartet

Time: 8'20" 




Composition for Saxophone Quartet.

Composer: Roberto Dellepiane 
Player: Fresia Emanuele

Size: cm 21x29,7
Time: 11'22" 

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