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Original piece for Symphonic Band, in suite form, inspired by four metaphysical paintings. A highly suggestive composition, wrapped in multifaceted instrumental colors and mysterious melodies.

First performance July 2021 Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Written by the author Davide Boario:

"The first time I met G. de Chirico's painting was as a boy in Paris with my mother; in particular, the exhibition was dedicated to the so-called period of silver. Those paintings had impressed me because, while faithfully representing objects in silver, almost as if it were a trompe l'oeil, a different dimension from the purely figurative one was clearly perceived: the silver mirrors objects arranged on the table including fruit and more and in mirroring them something magical, mysterious happened, because they seemed alive, arranged in a timeless dimension and the silverware itself seemed to dialogue with each other like living beings. This great mystery had fascinated me. After so many years, I thought of writing a suite of four pieces dedicated to some paintings by Giorgio de Chirico; only the first " Magic Waltz "was inspired by a painting by Neri Ceccarelli, an accredited painter from Turin. The link between my musical language and the I believe that metaphysics lies mainly in the use of melodic formulas and musical scales inserted in particular contexts and geometries, aimed at creating a sense of mystery alluding to another dimension that it would seem correct to define as "metaphysic


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