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Music for Ballet

First ballet with history staged in Europe where the music was originally written for Banda Sinfonica.

World premiere on 19/02/2022 at Teatro San Giuseppe in Turin.

Music performed by the Brass Band of the Taurinense Alpine Brigade directed by Marco Calandri


First case in the history of the Italian Army of a Military Band playing during a ballet.


If you are interested in performing the ballet, please call +39339.2791793
for rental of the scenographic part and other information.

takes place in an otherworldly dimension inhabited by animals and a young man; the inhabitants who
populate this world are not aware of being different individuals but they feel one
all by themselves, they live an almost perfect existence, except that the sun is held back by ropes
who do not let him ascend to enlighten them . The Magician appears, disguised as a crow and in front
the man becomes curious, dances with him, studies him. He approaches a small chest and takes one out
book, a sword, an oboe, a mirror; continuing his dance, he shows man and animals
some wonders of the universe. All together they resume dancing happily. The Magician takes it
mirror that he gives to the man telling him not to look in the mirror but to place it next to the sun; For
magic appears a large mirror that recalls the shape of a mountain; all animals and
the man for the first time in the mirror and, with great dismay, they see that they are different from each other;
now they fear each other. Meanwhile, a dancing young woman emerges from behind the mirror
with the man. After the dance, the two realize they are alone. The Magician reappears
asks the man to choose an object in the trunk, the man chooses the oboe and hands it to the magician who
start playing it; the animals, in a sort of enchantment, follow him and, at a certain point, the
magician draws two silhouettes of the right hand on the large mirror. Night falls and everyone does
they fall asleep. Dawn returns and everyone wakes up in a new state of consciousness: now they are not afraid
more, they all dance together again in front of the mirror; The sun, however, is still held back
from the ropes, but when the man and the woman approach the mirror and place theirs together
right hand on the shapes drawn by the magician, the sun frees itself from the ropes and with its great light
bearer of truth, she leads everyone back to absolute unity, guiding them towards brotherhood and
Copyright 2017 Music Editions M.Boario and c. Sas

In a hyperuranic context, "The Age of Aquarius" places the human being at the center of the universe and
as a guide for all living beings. Among the various elements with a strong symbolic value such as
the mirror, "great soul of the world", the hand as a symbol of being "human", and others...
we have the Sun, a symbol of truth which, at a scenographic level, is represented by the famous "sun" of
Ezio Gribaudo: an enlarged brain cell that recalls its iconographic image with great
beauty. The Sun, therefore, also as a symbol of the human mind.
The author Davide Boario



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