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"In the war for peace": this was the sad task of the fighters in the First World War. It 'good to keep in mind the lessons of history in order to give precedence to the "dialogue", that "the demands of peace." Even Pope Francis recalled the "tragic event" of the First World War with these words: "I hope that not repeated the mistakes of the past."
In this band composition these songs are used to build a musical thought, to revive their feelings, passions, enthusiasms, the suffering, the tragic events.

The text of the song "It Cadorna, sends word ..." suggests the superficiality and stupidity with which they were taken decisions that inevitably did not spare the lives of many young people who were sent to the assault, from the trenches against enemy fire , to their deaths.

All this suggested to me the use of a thematic material intended to connect various reasons sung by our soldiers.

The original reason describes the initial entry into the war and to cease all military action is taken festively to celebrate the victory.


A victory that leads to the longed-for peace that unfortunately has cost thousands of lives.

Our fighters and fallen for their country are remembered in various musical passages that describe the unfolding of military action and that are outlined by the motifs from "Legend of the Piave" and "Song of the Grappa".

Our brave soldiers is dedicated to the central part, which process the following songs in the trenches:

Where have you gone, my bell'alpino?

Open the doors ...

The translated

Monte Canino

The hat that we wear

Silence Ortigara


The captain of the company

Thematic passages are instrumented in particular, who want to express the mood of those who fought for an ideal of peace and freedom, of those who lived this tragedy, with passions, memories, sadness, nostalgia, courage and fear of those who have been "in the war for peace".

A musical proposal to cherish the memory of combatants and victims of the First World War, not to forget the errors and   hor rors.                                                                                                                                                                                                
Deliberately I accompanied the performance of music with meaningful images to be synchronized during the band execution, which will be distributed by the publisher with the score and instrumental parts.
One hundred years ago the Great War with pictures and music, to remember the fundamental themes of human existence: Love and Death.

Carlo Pirola




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