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Symphonic Band


When I was still a young composer I thought this piece for a brass quintet. Remained in the unexecuted drawer, as often happens with new music, recently, a group of musicians, a good brass quintet, took up the score to perform it, personally very happy and at the same time a little embarrassed, after all it was a youthful composition , I went to hear the concert unwillingly, but, to my surprise, the performance was truly touching and had a great impact on me and the audience.

Having rediscovered the piece and its good compositional potential, I thought of developing it for a larger project and for a symphonic orchestral team; so, I considered picking up the composition again, deepening and elaborating the idea, I kept the original compositional material unaltered, once again entrusting it to the brass quintet, and then merging it into the great texture of a symphonic wind orchestra. The bet, apparently won, was to combine the compositional language of youth with my current artistic / creative vision.

The piece is based on the classic elegiac form, the subtitle "Amarcord", which I instinctively associate with the famous film by Federico Fellini, is explanatory of the theme I deal with, it is in fact personal memories, the nostalgia of the past that emerges musically, creating a sort of scheduled music, of moments lived as a musician and human being.








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