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Original suite for piano by Davide Boario in three parts, inspired by the fantastic adventures of San Brandano.

"...Well, the Triptych of San Brandano - let me define it like this - is really there

projection of Benedictine monasticism towards the fantastic and the imaginary, oneopen hypothesis on the unexplored Hyperborean world of the great dark waters:however the plan to bring, through fantastic islands, killer whales, whales,
sperm whales and perfidious creatures of the abyss, a cultural message of a Christianity cultured, supported by an inalienable faith, but willing to be enchanted by sirens, elvesand kobolds. A journey that many centuries will be repeated with Captain Ahab. But the hero ofMelville had lost that dimension of wonder, of amazement that he certainly didit permeated the sensations of Brandano and of his little monks. Unable to recognize agiant squid, mistaking it for land, but willing to be enchanted by thesinging herms of the harpies, in an orgiastic temptation of sensuality.
Now, David's writing I consider it congenial to my expectations. It is clear and
spring, hides its complexities under a veil of cordiality, shows the greed of
a Savinio writer of "mathematical" music, and has some bristly roughness that was of aGiannotto Bastianelli. It is no coincidence that heterodox musicians, imbued with their own literary moodsof that magical realism that belonged to Bontempelli wavering between novel andsound reality.
Stringy music, with an enveloping stickiness, involving in the gesture
pianistic, whimsical in its unpredictability."

Stefano Ragni

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