The M. Boario music Publishing house was founded in 1923 by Massimo Boario, considered one of the most popular and prolific author of band music. Under his guidance, the M. Boario Publishing House became one of the most famous specialized producer in its field (picture on the left: Caluso's wind band - 1910. Massimo Boario be sitting in the front row, third place from right side).
Especially Massimo Boario’s compositions were very requested and played by musical bands at that time.
The Massimo Boario Publishing House was restored in Italy by Davide Boario, Massimo’s nephew, in 1995.
After getting a gold medal from SIAE (authors and editors Italian society), the M. Boario Publishing house is now one of the most well-known italian musical publishing house as regards music for band.
Apart from the classic repertory, about 130 pieces that represent its particular musical inheritance, it offers a more modern and various one, by famous and talented Italian authors.
The musical programme offered by M. Boario Publishing house nowadays goes back to a consolidated musical culture and has been assuring us continuity and competence for almost a century.

1910 - Caluso's Wind Band