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Music for Ballet

for small wind band formation of 15 elements ( see score )
Work by Mario Nascimbene composer, author of the music for over 300 films! ( click on the name for Wikipedia )

World premiere on 19/02/2022 at Teatro San Giuseppe in Turin.

Music performed by the Brass Band of the Taurinense Alpine Brigade directed by Marco


First case in the history of the Italian Army of a Military Band playing during a ballet.

If you are interested in performing the ballet, please call +39339.2791793

for rental of the scenographic part and other information.


The period of development is the end of the 19th century. The scene represents the public park of a Central European town on a day of celebration. On stage a small band....

Everyone wants to dance with the Girl: Soldier, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Colonel and General, in the hope of stealing a kiss from her. Everyone makes use of the authority sanctioned by his rank to replace the dancer who preceded him, trying, with different methods suggested by his own experience, to seduce the Maiden.

Each dance reflects, with poetry and psychological sense, the personality of the graduate on duty, from soldier to general. 00_-_PARTITURA_Ultima_Ballett_Konzert_page-0001






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