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It is a memorial piece on one of the greatest tragedies of the twentieth century:
WWI whose centennial, falls in summer 2014
As everyone knows Italy will enter the war one year later, in 1915.

Davide Boario the author of the piece, was inspired by a letter of great
suggestion, written by a guy at the front, to his mother. just before you go
According to the indication of the author, the letter must be read just before the piece begins,
as the song itself evokes the deep meaning contained in those few dramatic lines.

 The composition ends with an open window towards the
hope and light, hence the title "Beyond The Apocalypse".

This song was performed for the first time in September 2014
by the "Fanfare of Alpine Brigade Taurinense"
during the commemorations of World War I, in the prestigious international music
festival "MiToh" in Milan and in Turin (Teatro Piccolo Regio)

(Following the reading of the letter and after, immediately begins the song)

"Dearest Mother, a few minutes before going to the assault I send you my affectionate thoughts

. A hell-fire artillery and mortars upsets
as I write all the ground around us ... I had never seen so much
ruin. it's terrible, it seems that everything has to be swallowed by a huge
Yet, with your help, with God's help by. you fervently prayed, my soul is
serene, I will do my duty to the last. "






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