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Famous march by Massimo Boario Symphonic Band Ediction by
review of Lorenzo Della Fonte.
Mandatory piece at the "BACCHETTA D'ORO 2015" for the
"Massimo Boario" award on the 100th anniversary of the composition.
Born in Murisengo in 1880, with a repertoire of over 200 compositions
for whole band ensemble on a total of 580 works, Massimo Boario is
considered among the greatest Italian band music composers of the
twentieth century.
Massimo Boario dies in Turin August 2, 1956.
Among his compositions for band deserves to remember the famous march
Monviso, made around 1915 is still between marches more popular and
played from all over Italy, thanks to the recent re-release in 1996
by Edizioni M. Boario.
A march that has thus not only a great artistic value, but it is also
testimony to the musical history of our country.
To confirm this, we need only mention that in 1987 by Resolution No. 39,
the city council of Murisengo establishing the musical composition
"Monviso" official hymn of the town of Murisengo.
Led abroad by Italian bands, "Monviso" is now played with success
both in France and in Switzerland.
The lyrical-popular features that distinguishes the aesthetic
feature of Massimo Boario find on Monviso its most famous expression.
Listening Monviso departs immediately from the other marches, claiming
a strong and unique identity; There conquest finally with the chorus
that reaches its climax in the Trio.
A very nice story  was told by a player of the band of Crescentino:
his grandfather, who as he was playing in the band, had gone to America
looking for a job in 1930 taking with him his instrument, the trumpet.
Just got off the ship that had docked in the United States, heard
echoing in the harbor a song to him well known: Monviso by Massimo Boario.
A group of people, band musicians, probably Piedmont and just as he landed,
gathered together to form an impromptu band and they played that song that
everyone knew by heart, Monviso indeed! Unlined trumpet from custody,
his grandfather joined the others by sharing with them a kind of musical
baptism, good wish for a new life in the New World.



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