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In the author's intention, "Rebirth" is a passage that reminds us that the human being can find its true realization only in a harmonious relationship with nature. Music is the main road that must guide us towards this reunion. The whole piece develops around a very melodic main theme which in its simplicity and purity has the building blocks for subsequent development. In the introduction, the first two bars of the theme are enunciated creating an archaic atmosphere: on a pedal, the Bassoon begins to play the theme and immediately after the English Horn, then, like a caress, other instruments are felt to "frame" this epiphanic moment . Subsequently, the theme, entrusted to the Flute, presents itself in its entirety, while the Harp and the double-bass in pizzicato form the accompaniment. However, the Harp does not just accompany, but throughout the piece it will often enter into dialogue with the theme. The theme is serene and relaxed, it evokes spaces and beauty and it would seem sufficient in itself if it were not that at its conclusion all the instruments, taking a cue from some of their thematic characteristics, present themselves in a spirit of poignant freedom made of sensations of continuous rebirth of shapes and colors, to evoke the most fascinating aspect of nature in its continuous evolution. The piece continues with the resumption of the theme played by the Clarinet; after the first bars, all the instruments take part in the theme alternating in colors, while the horns and saxophones carry on a countermelody that constantly dialogues with the main theme. The theme and countermelody express an important dualism for the profound meaning of the piece: they complement each other as man should be complemented by nature. The song ends with an isolated harmonic sound of the Harp which suggests that everything originates from a single sound, that everything has a beginning and an end in unity.

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