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The Rapallo's city band  was born in 1845, with the name of
"Compagnia Filarmonica Città di Rapallo " and is one of the oldest musical
associations of Liguria.The author wanted to grasp the connection between
the same year of birth of the band with the annexation of Texas to the United
States of America, thus become the 28th. Given the significance
of the ancient name of Texas "Tàysha" which in the language of the natives
Hasinai meaning "friends" or "allies", wanted to do a musical tribute to
the band composing an original song dedicated to the 170th anniversary of
the foundation of the group. Inspired by the strength that a "new" state
like Texas has been able to give with his contribution to all States and the
intrinsic meaning of its name, features both well adapted to the Italian band
world where art, culture, friendship and commitment are the prerogatives needed
to continue to make music together. The song has a first introductory part of
the happy and upbeat, where all the staff is committed to fresh and insistent
rhythms. Followed by a romantic second central part, in which a sensitive
issue takes place starting from a solo until you get to all sections. Finally,
the third and last part part return to rhythms and brilliants themes to end



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